Edit: I WAS CURED AFTER 22 YEARS! I had a vestibulectomy Dec. 2016. The recovery was easier for me than having sex ever was. It took about 5 weeks. I have included my recovery photos. Look for the blogpost "I'm Cured!" and "My Vestibulectomy".

I’m a great woman with a pissed-off vulva. I have “primary vestibulitis." Most people are uncomfortable discussing their genital pain in public. My hope is that my obsession to find help for myself will make your experience shorter, easier, and less painful. P.S. Recently "vestibulitis" has been renamed to "vestibulodynia."

Yipee. Four Months (Almost) No Pain!

I went from distraught and doing really poorly to having an extended period of little pain in my sacrum and down my right leg (yes, still can't have sex). I felt like I really was healing finally. What helped? A few possibilities:

1. It coincided with me going up on my anti-depressant; or
2. I got new sacrum stabilization exercises from my physical therapist; or
3. I saw my rheumatologist who commented that I had trochanter bursitis and gave me some suggestions for self-treating. I looked it up and you can have a number of bursa located throughout your pelvic area due to poor mechanics in your pelvis or hip attachments. She stuck her finger into the area of a bursitis and, wow, it hurt for a few days thereafter.

Next post: self-treating bursitis

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