Edit: I WAS CURED AFTER 22 YEARS! I had a vestibulectomy Dec. 2016. The recovery was easier for me than having sex ever was. It took about 5 weeks. I have included my recovery photos. Look for the blogpost "I'm Cured!" and "My Vestibulectomy".

I’m a great woman with a pissed-off vulva. I have “primary vestibulitis." Most people are uncomfortable discussing their genital pain in public. My hope is that my obsession to find help for myself will make your experience shorter, easier, and less painful. P.S. Recently "vestibulitis" has been renamed to "vestibulodynia."

Lidocaine Ointment

Updated Post 11/6/2011:
The lidocaine "pooped out" (the clinical term, I believe). My gynecologist Dr. Lannin suggested that taking a 3-5 day break is needed and then to start using it again. All is well, but no cure. Maybe some improvement, however. Look at my post on Desonide.

Original Post:
I have a new specialist in pelvic pain, N.P. Abercrombie at UCSF. I am now using 5% lidocaine ointment that is made specifically for mucous membranes. It smells like spearmint for all those using it on canker sores..! She believes that my vulvar pain will be gone after 3 months of usage. That's a big statement, but so far it is going well. It hasn't burned like the other lidocaines have, possibly because it has a different base. Of course, lidocaine does burn somewhat, but this works fast and numbs you out. She said to put it on a cotton ball and place that in the vestibule. I am finding good luck just with applying it directly which avoids the cotton ball.

As a side note, she suggested trying to 1. get off some of my prescription drugs and 2. try the Andrew Weil anti-inflammatory diet. Her take as to "why" I have pain is that I have too much systemic inflation (this fits with my autonomic arousal theory).


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for writing the blog. Much of what you posted is interesting to me as I have vulvodynia as well. My experience has been linked to my endometriosis and ongoing yeast sensitivities, which caused gluten and dairy allergies.
    Ultimately it took a Doctor from California to help me. Her name is Dr. Metzger. Since your recent post mentioned UCSF, I'm hoping the one in Cali, that her name will be of help to you. She is well known in endo circles, but since endo often comes with vulvodynia, IC, IBS, etc, she seems to really know her stuff.
    Sorry if touting a doc annoys you. She really helped me, so maybe she could help you if you're current treatments aren't going well or you don't like them.

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