Edit: I WAS CURED AFTER 22 YEARS! I had a vestibulectomy Dec. 2016. The recovery was easier for me than having sex ever was. It took about 5 weeks. I have included my recovery photos. Look for the blogpost "I'm Cured!" and "My Vestibulectomy".

I’m a great woman with a pissed-off vulva. I have “primary vestibulitis." Most people are uncomfortable discussing their genital pain in public. My hope is that my obsession to find help for myself will make your experience shorter, easier, and less painful. P.S. Recently "vestibulitis" has been renamed to "vestibulodynia."

Pelvic Pain Coach

Pelvic Pain Mind-Body Coach
My physical therapist is familiar with Lorraine Faehndrich and her work as a coach in pelvic pain and sexual pain. She might be a useful resource to you. I listened in on a live call she did and thought she sounded like a good resource for some of you. She does group and individual coaching.


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  2. Thanks Melissa for sharing some vital information. I have been experiencing pelvic pain for the lat 2 weeks. Hope Lorraine can be of help in getting me healed.

  3. It is thrilling that you are acting on figuring out your pelvic pain so quickly. My best to you.