Edit: I WAS CURED AFTER 22 YEARS! I had a vestibulectomy Dec. 2016. The recovery was easier for me than having sex ever was. It took about 5 weeks. I have included my recovery photos. Look for the blogpost "I'm Cured!" and "My Vestibulectomy".

I’m a great woman with a pissed-off vulva. I have “primary vestibulitis." Most people are uncomfortable discussing their genital pain in public. My hope is that my obsession to find help for myself will make your experience shorter, easier, and less painful. P.S. Recently "vestibulitis" has been renamed to "vestibulodynia."

Physical Therapy Continued...

I am now in week 5. The last two weeks have been biofeedback! Very challenging to get to a resting muscular reading. And that is lying down. I haven't figured out standing or walking. I am going to see if I can rent/buy a biofeedback machine for myself.

We are Kegel-ing which I never before understood because I was too weak to do it. Basic concept is to pull in your clitoris, vagina, and anus all tight. Then before you start shaking with weakness and lack of control, relax completely. Like really completely. This is perhaps more important than the Kegel itself - to get that release of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

She has a computer with a picture of a rose. The Kegel is trying to get the rose to close up and be a bud; the release is trying to get that rose as open and large as you can. I experimented with different thoughts: envisioning the rose, making my mind blank, thinking of my pelvic floor opening. The biofeedback machine gives you numbers as your muscle tension releases or increases.

Week 4
First session: Not great, but okay.
Second session: Pretty darn good, all things considered.

Week 5
Third session: Awful. Also, P.T. is taking away from my normal exercise/relaxation time so that is at odds. I am hanging in there, but hope to become more independent. If anyone knows of a biofeedback machine place, I am ready to rent or buy.

My psychotherapist and I will discuss "butt clenching" in our next session. The butt clenching, as I understand it for myself, is related to anxiety, mechanical instability and habit.

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  1. Hi Melissa! It's Jeanne (remember me?) I've had pelvic tension forever now and the way I get from clenching to relaxing is I say the number 10 in my head and fairly quickly count down to one, relaxing more and more as I count down, like I'm melting downwards if that makes any sense! Thanks for your blog and info!