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Note: recently "vestibulitis" has been renamed to "vestibulodynia".

May 1, 2013

Clitoral Adhesions: Go to August 15, 2010 Post for Comprehensive Information

The smegma returned slightly and she put me on a different steroid called Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment 0.1% and it cleared right up. Please read my 8/15/2010 post for how to use your hands and instruments to loosen up the hood from the clitoris.

I may have mentioned that I found a vulvar dermatologist at Stanford named Dr. Badger, a lovely woman who reminds me of a blond Mary Poppins, including the phrase, "Oh dear!"

She put me on Desonide 0.05% ointment for an unusually copious presence of smegma. Below is an image of what was extracted by my husband (yes, this is graphic, but I think it is helpful to see). The tweezers were used to lift the smegma off the clitoris once it was expelled (see the "Clitoral Adhesions" entry for my how-to)

Per her instructions, I used the Desonide twice a day, morning and night, for 3 weeks. Then I reduced it to once a day for another 3 weeks. It really worked. I healed up and the smegma hasn't returned in the last 5 months). Should it return, she says I can use it again without coming in to see her other than my usual every 3 month check-in.

She also said that the concern that steroids will "melt the skin of your labia" as some doctors have told me is "poppycock" and uninformed. I don't know enough about steroid use on the clitoris so get an opinion on this from your doctor.

I got good suggestions of other steroids to try on my other blog post. I thank you for those suggestions and it was with that knowledge that I was able to go back to my doctor and discuss steroid ointments. Some may ask what the "active ingredient" is in Desonide and the answer is desonide. It is in an ointment of petrolatum and mineral oil.


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2014

    Hi, will this resolve the glan clitoris fusing with the hood? After a long term irritation after a injury my glan has become adherant to the hood.

    1. I reordered my blog to find the other article and put all the information there and will delete this entry in a bit. If you do a search on clitoral adhesions, you should find it.

    2. The other blog article is from 8/15/2010.

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  4. How are you going now with the adhesions, do you still need to work on them?
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks for checking in! So sweet. Sadly, no. I had a good run until two weeks ago. I was traveling to Brazil and arrived for my layover with incredible pain. The lighting was bad in the place I was staying so only saw the smegma day 4. Removed it and it improved. It is still irritated and I am checking in on it every few days. Interestingly, a few days ago, some of the clitoral adhesion (adhesion I didn't even know I had) ripped open. Pain! But good that it happened. Now my clitoris is unhappy and inflamed, but I'll get through it. Read the Aug. 15 post to continue from this one. There were great reader suggestions that helped me find the ointment that has helped the most!